As an ecommerce professional your time is valuable. You need to focus on growing your revenue, conversion rate and ensuring your customers have a world class experience. You don't have time to worry about errors on your website but you know that critical errors cost you money and time. When customers email complaining about a checkout error, who knows how many before that one customer have experienced the same error. And it is likely that those customers never come back. 

Well we know just how important your customer experience is to you as an ecommerce professional and we've made it easy for you to detect, prioritize and manage critical errors. We send instant email notifications when a critical error occurs to one of your loyal customers and provide you with a non-technical description of what is happening along with a priority level (high, medium, low) and revenue impact so that you can prioritize and manage which errors get fixed first. 

We work with leading brands all over the world and help these brands detect over 100,000,000 errors per year. Solving these errors has resulted in millions of dollars in increased sales and most importantly improved brand loyalty. 

We know just how hard you work to get customers and retain them. So we are here to help every single day and our world class customer success team is here to help you every step of the way. Our product could not have gotten to where it is today without our customers and it is in our DNA to integrate our customer feedback into the product. We're available to you and it is our promise to help you achieve an amazing error free customer experience. 

We're here to help so don't hesitate to reach out. :) 

-Robert, Kailin, Filip and Dan, Co-Founder of Noibu

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