No, Noibu runs quietly in the background of your store. Our script is very light and is designed to be non-intrusive. 

In order for Noibu to successfully collect all of your errors, the script needs to wrap existing code with our error collection code. This allows Noibu to collect hidden errors that do not throw error codes unless wrapped with error catching code. When you run tests like Lighthouse or any other performance testing, it may look like Noibu's script is taking the longest to execute, but in reality those performance tests are grouping everything that the Noibu scripts is wrapping as being part of the Noibu script. For example, if you have an image loading script, Noibu will try to wrap that and if it can successfully wrap the script, the performance tests will think that Noibu is doing the work of the Image loading script. In reality it is not, it is just wrapping it with an operation that takes less than 1ms to execute.

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