Noibu's goal is to detect all errors that occur on your website and as a result we capture errors with varying amounts of information about them. The most common example of errors that contain little information are called "Script Errors". Script Errors are identifiable via their unique error signature which will always contain script error as the first two words.

Script Errors happen when an error originating from a third party plugin/file/add-on throws an error on your domain. Since modern browsers block information from domains other than yours from being shared with scripts and code that lives on your domain, our script cannot pick up the unique information of those errors. Rather, our script simply gets the information that an error occurred and is thus labelled as script error. 

To help reduce the amount of script errors that are caught by Noibu, we automatically wrap your existing front end code with our code to try to extract as much information possible. For the script errors that do pass by our wrapping, we do our best to separate script errors from each other to offer you more error coverage.

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