All Issues


The All Issues view is where all of your website issues reside. We recommend using this view secondary to the funnel view.


All Issues VS Funnel

The funnel view tells you which errors to focus on and the All Issue view shows you all outstanding issues and allows you to sort, filter and search for issues of interest.


Main Purposes

-Helps you understand which issues were created at after a certain date. This is useful if you launched a new feature or design and want to see if any new issues were created by this change.


-Filter by the different states to understand if issues are open, in-progress or fixed.


-Understand if fixed issues are resolved. By filtered the state to closed-fixed, you can see if issues are still happening by quickly referencing the Last Seen At column.


-Searching for types of issues for example typing "place order" or "500-" will allow you to pull up errors that match those descriptions.


-Sort by users impacted and revenue.


-Filter by user impacting, to pull up all user impacting issues.


With the New User Experience, any filtering and/or sorting you do under All Issues will persist beyond your current session.

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