What happens if Noibu has down time?

Like all software, Noibu is also subject to sporadic and unpredictable down time. Whether that be due to a global update going live or an unexpected issue happening, Noibu is not immune to down time. We have not taken this topic lightly when designing the script. We know that site performance and speed is crucial to all e-commerce stores and have built an architecture to completely isolate our back-end functionality from our script.

Noibu stores and analyzes information about errors on separate servers, which means that the script deployed is only tasked with sending the information back to those servers. In a case where our backend services were to shutdown, the Noibu script will not be aware of those failures and will not impact your customers.

We have also setup a separate logging infrastructure for errors thrown by our script.

In the case where the script is malfunctioning and is causing your site to behave unexpectedly, our system would alert us almost instantly that something is not working properly.

In order to avoid the script malfunctioning, we have setup rigorous manual and automated testing to prevent and catch script failures.

  1. Unit testing which makes sure that our code works as expected
  2. End to end tests to test how our script interacts with a real website
  3. Integration tests that make sure that our script was functioning as expected with our backend components.
  4. Manual QA testing on real customer websites with our script loaded as an extension so it does not impact anyone else but the QA tester.
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  • I have not seen such rigorous testing to avoid script malfunctions since Steven Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie launched the Blackberry Bold in 2008.


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