Setting up slack notifications with Noibu

Noibu is able to send notifications to slack for events such as checkout down alerts. To set this up you can follow these steps.

  1. Go to your slack application, click on your workspace and then Administration -> Manage Apps. (if you don't see this you may not be an administrator in your slack workspace)


2. Click "Browse" top right:


3. Search for "Incoming WebHooks" and then click it

4. Click "Add to Slack" to add the Incoming WebHooks application to your slack workspace.



5. Going back to your slack workspace you can see in the "Manage" section under "Custom Integrations" the "Incoming WebHooks" app:

6. Clicking into it you can click "Add to Slack" to create a new incoming webhook. Lets do that now for noibu alerts. Choose your slack channel, then click "Add Incoming WebHooks integration".

7. Copy the "Webhook URL" contents and then click "Save Settings" at the bottom.


8. Add that webhook configuration to Noibu by:

  • Go to the Noibu dashboard at
  • Click on "Domains" on the left
  • Click the domain name you wish to add the Slack notification to
  • Paste that slack webhook into "Slack webhook for notifications" and then click Save
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