How to Opt-out of Noibu Session Tracking?

Noibu's goal is to find errors impacting websites and help owners fix those errors so that their customers have a better experience. We take people's privacy seriously and tracking users is not one of our goals. We put a lot of effort into to ensure that people can't be tracked including ensuring that session ID's are reset to a new random number every 4 hours and things like IP addresses are never stored.

One of the way that we help our customers understand errors is with videos that can replay the error happening on the website. We block out all input and also try to block out any other user identifying information.

If you'd prefer to not have your video sessions tracked you can disable it by going to your browser's settings and enabling "Do Not Track". This will ensure that Noibu does not upload video to our servers at all.

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  • I am glad to see that Noibu minimizes its user tracking, ensuring privacy and security for all users.


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