What data does Noibu collect and store?

You may be wondering what type of data we collect and store? Rest assured that Noibu strives to collect the minimal user data needed for you to solve errors on your website. Our promise is to safely store any data we collect and collect only the minimal amount of data needed for you to do your job. We do not resell any data and we do not profit from your users data. 

Any user data we collect is purged every 90 days.

Here are things that we do NOT to collect and store from your users:  

  • Credit card information
  • Name
  • Home Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Customer ID
  • Unique ID
  • User input fields (anything on forms).  These will show up as masked out in videos.

This data is masked at the websession level. If in the video format there is any data that you would like removed, please email support@noibu.com along with the CSS classes that you would like blocked.

Here are things that we DO collect and store from your users:

  • IP addresses
  • Browser
  • Type of device
  • URL that the user is on
  • URL that created errors for users
  • Javascript Stack
  • DOM changes (actions the user takes on your website and can be played back as a video)
  • Unique Browser ID
  • Number of pages a user with a Browser ID has visited


We do not store any extra cookies on your website, which means that you will not have to update your cookie policy once you deploy our script. All the information that we temporarily store is located in the user's local storage. The Unique Browser ID CANNOT be used to track unique users as we anonymize the data once we receive it, we only use it to create 45 minute sessions that consist of multiple page visits.


Since we do not store or process credit card data, we do not infringe upon your PCI compliance.

Noibu is also taking steps to ensure GDPR compliance. You can read more about Noibu's commitment to GDPR compliance here.

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  • I love the complete transparency involving data tracking. My website data is precious, so I appreciate that Noibu recognizes its value and does not collect it to sell to another entity. 


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