Debugging Minified Files

Minified files

Minified files are files which were modified by software to contain shorter variable and function names in order to reduce the total size of the file. For example if your javascript file contains a function called ‘calculateWindowSize the minification process would change that name to something short like ‘a‘. Now everywhere that your initial function was called, the new shorter function name will be used which will decrease the total size of your javascript file. 


Decreasing javascript file size is desirable because smaller files get downloaded faster and thus impact your page load time less.


Challenges with minified files

Since minification changes the javascript file to be smaller and by consequence less readable, root causing the error with information provided by the stack trace is very complicated. To make this process a bit easier, we have compiled a guide on how to approach solving minified errors with information Noibu gives you.


Steps to action minified errors

  1. Get access to the minified file via the Developer tab. It contains the stack trace in the Noibu platform.

      2. Once you have found a minimized (typically ends with .min) do the following steps

         1. Find a variable or function name that is known to you

         2. Open the un-minimized file

         3. Search your un-minimized file by this keyword




This should give you enough context to understand the bug.

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