Increased Revenue Loss Alerts

Revenue loss alerts will help you be notified of impactful issues on your site in a timely manner. These alerts are combined into one email if triggered at the same time. Here is how they work:


An email/slack notification will fire for the following 2 triggers:


1.  New issue in funnel:


The first type of alert we send is when there is a new issue in your funnel. 




2. Increased revenue loss:


The second alert is sent when an issue that exists in your funnel increases by at least 50% in revenue impact. 




Issues make their way into the funnel once they reach a "Minimum Revenue Loss" amount that you can configure in your domain settings:


Everyone is automatically opted into these alerts. To opt out of these alerts go to contacts -> your username and then opt out by clicking "Notify: Issue Updates". 




To setup your slack, go to domain settings and enter your slack web hook:



For information on how to setup your web hook click here. 


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