Understanding Fetch API errors

The fetch api is used to retrieve information from another server. If you have experience with XMLHTTP, the fetch api is just a nice wrapper around XMLHTTP in Javascript. If the fetch api cannot establish a connection to the server, our code detects that and tries to get as much information as possible to help you resolve the issue. In some cases, the information we are given is very limited and as a result so is the information we provide you in the dashboard.


When investigating what can cause a fetch API with limited information you can click the "Show HTTP events" button on one of the sessions and look for http calls that might cause a fetch call to be made.



In the above case, the /api/subscription/new endpoint is called, it could be the case that a webhook is attached to that event that uses the fetch api internally.


In some cases however, it is possible that we extract valuable information from the failure and are able to point you towards the location of the failure in your code. As seen in the picture below, you can extract the SourceURL of the failure by clicking on the details tab.



You can then copy that URL and paste the link in another tab. Then you can follow the guide here to debug the error further. 

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