How to Approach JS Errors w/ HTML Stack Trace

When a Javascript error that either has JS files ending in .html or a website page in the stack trace, this means that the error is originating in the HTML files themselves. The purpose of this article is to show how to solve this type of JS error.

  1. Click on the Developer tab, find the first html file in the stacktrace:Screen_Shot_2021-05-27_at_3.56.45_PM.png
  1. Open the file in a new window
  2. When on the website page, right-click and click on "view page source" to view the HTML file.Screen_Shot_2021-02-16_at_4.56.10_PM.png


   4. Search on the page (CMD + F on Mac/CTRL + F on PC) for a keyword/or AT listed in the Stack Trace. If  the first file does not have a keyword (e.g. first file above), search by the keyword in the next file down.


5. The results for where the keyword appears in the code will pinpoint a few options for where precisely in the HTML file the error is originating from.

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