Use Zendesk To Find Customers Sessions via IP Address

We've launched a HUGE update to our Session Search to help you find customer sessions faster using their IP address.


These days, great customer support isn't a nice to have - it's a must in a crowded ecommerce world. Giving your customer fast, personal support is essential to not only conversion, but transforming customers into advocates for your business. Live chat has been a competitive advantage in helping businesses achieve them but we are proud to announce that Noibu has changed the game again, and are now offering a new instrumental way to revolutionize your customer experience, with Session Search and IP address.


TLDR Version (It's okay, we aren't offended)

—> With every customer chat or customer you have, you can use their IP address to find their session in Noibu


1.Find their IP address in Zendesk here:

2.Plug their IP Address into Noibu

3.Find their Session

4.Fix their issue, reap the benefits of a happy customer (please look below, this will LITERALLY be your customer after you help them)





1. Find their IP address in Zendesk

Please visit and follow this steps. Basically what we want to do is go to the Chat feature from your zendesk admin to find the IP. In the User Information section of a ZD ticket, there will be the IP Address. It should look like this:Noibu_-_Agent_2021-02-25_23-50-58.png




2.Open up Session Search in Noibu

Navigate yourself to the left hand menu, click on Session Search as per usual.




3.Enter your customer's IP address using the IP Address Filter

Use the IP string you got from ZenDesk and put it into the filter.Screen_Shot_2021-02-26_at_2.41.43_PM.png


4. Investigate customer Session, action customer issue, live life happily ever after

That's it! Once you find your customer session, see what errors are happening using the video and the session timeline. Pass the error to the dev team, fix the issue, and offer that customer exceptional customer service.


With no time at all, you can work this feature into your customer Support Team's workflow, and dramatically improve your customer support experience.

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