How to Use Session Search without IP Address

Noibu’s Session Search feature allows you to gain insight into your customers’ sessions. Use cases for the Session Search include:

  • Troubleshooting customer reports
  • Reviewing UX design
  • Gaining insight into user journeys

This article focuses on using Session Search to troubleshoot customer reports.

An easy way to find customer sessions is by using the Search by IP Address functionality. Typically, you can find the IP Address in your order logs as well as in most live chat applications (eg, Zendesk). 

However, you can still easily leverage Session Search without having a customer's IP Address.

To accurately track down a session, you should know the following information about a user’s session:

  • Timeframe of the user's session (Date and time)
  • Description of customer's issue
  • Browser or Operating System

Knowing these pieces of information will allow you to find their session! From here, you can watch a video replay of their session, a timeline of what they clicked on and, most importantly, which error the user experienced. 

The ultimate goal of using Session Search is to better understand your customer journey including any pain points they experience. The end result of this process is happier customers!

If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss on a call, please do not hesitate to contact your CSM or in-app support.

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