How to get to inbox 0 in the funnel

Getting your inbox to 0 errors is an ongoing process that must be repeated over time as new errors pop up. New errors can appear in your Funnel anytime for countless reasons such as website updates, third party applications, and many more. Use these steps to keep your funnel clean and error free. 


  1. Focus first on 1st party errors that have stack trace


1st party errors are the most resolvablE because they are happening on your domain and developers will have complete access to this code. Errors with a Has Stack Trace Tag are highly resolvable because these errors will have a specified line number showing where the error originates from. This will show exactly which line the error is occurring on. 


These errors are low hanging fruit and quick wins and should clear out a good part of the funnel quickly.


  1. Focus on the highest revenue impacting issues.


Work from the top of the funnel downwards, looking at the errors that will have the biggest impact on your business’s bottom line. 


  1. Prioritize 2-3 issues in each sprint. 


Include 2-3 errors per sprint to ensure you are consistently reducing the number of errors in your Funnel. This ensures that this workflow is built into busy schedules. By implementing 2-3 issues into each sprint, you will see your inbox get smaller over time. 


  1. When you get to an inbox 0, ensure you monitor the funnel daily to ensure there are no new revenue impacting issues.


Getting to 0 errors in your inbox is a big achievement as that is the ultimate goal of using Noibu. Unfortunately with website changes, migrations and updates, errors will still arise. This is why it is important to keep checking the funnel and alerts regarding new errors.

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