How to find user impacting videos

Being able to see videos of errors occurring can serve as a great visual representation of what the customer is experiencing and can be useful when prioritizing errors. This step is usually conducted by either the Product User or Internal/External Developers who triage. It is important to note that some errors that are most revenue impacting may not be shown visually through videos because the impact may be subtle (eg, slow page speeds). 


Below is a step by step guide on how to find user impacting videos. Steps 1-3 are recommended as preliminary steps to get a better understanding of the full picture. 


1. Go to the main funnel.


Here, you can look at funnel statistics and see the progression steps and where leads were lost. For example, on your domain you may have the most customers dropping off at the “add to cart” stage. 


This step is useful because it gives insight on where problem areas may lie.


2. Look at the error IDs organized by revenue impact in the funnel.


Click on an error ID which will take you to the “Overview” tab. By scrolling down, you will see the “Details” heading. Under the “Details” you will easily see what type of error it is (JS or HTTP). It will also show when the error was first seen and when it was last seen. Scroll down to look at “Funnel Impact”. This is the impact that this specific error is having on each step. It may be useful to compare this funnel to the overall funnel examined previously. 


3. Go to the “Developer” tab under the specific error ID.


There will be useful information for developers here like the beautified stack trace. Check to see the “Browser Impact” and the “OS Impact”. More importantly, you will see the “Reproduction Steps” area. This will show the last step the user took before the error occurred. 


4. Go to the “Sessions” tab under the specific error ID.


The sessions are sorted by the friction factor. Friction factor is a metric Noibu uses to measure how much difficulty a user is experiencing while checking out. The higher the friction factor, the more difficulty the user experienced.


5. Watch 5-10 videos with the highest friction factor.


To get a better idea of where the user is experiencing trouble, check the timeline on the right hand side of the video. Errors will show in red text. If you see no obvious impact in videos, check the Funnel Impact section to understand the bottom-line impact this error is having on conversion. 


6. Add filters within “Sessions”.


If you are searching for a specific type of video, session search can help you find what you are looking for. You can filter by: OS, browser, user clicks, last repo step, URL, min page count, min error count, symptoms (within friction factor), last funnel step and by funnel steps the session contains. 


Finding user impacting videos is a process that can have multiple approaches and we recommend doing what works best for you. Using these steps will help you find the videos you are looking for.

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