How to check for new errors post deployments

When you push a new feature or update to production, there is always the potential for new errors or issues to arise. By using Noibu in your development cycle, you can be sure that whenever there are updates to your page, there are no new errors lingering and causing more damage. You can implement Noibu into your development cycle by checking for the latest errors after pushing to production. As of today, there is typically a 2-3 hour delay between pushing to production and seeing issues in Noibu today. 


You can find new errors by going to All Issues or by going to the Funnel. However, when you go to All Issues, you are seeing all errors that have occurred on your site since deploying Noibu. Instead, you want to see the errors that have occurred after a specific point in time. 


Let’s say you had a major deployment on May 1st. To check to see if any new errors have been created by the deployment, filter for errors that were created after or equal to the deployment date.


From here, you can solve any post-deployment errors and ensure no critical errors go unnoticed after a push to production.

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