How Noibu can support a major site update or migration?

Errors are bound to arise following a major site update or migration. Whether you are migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, Magento to Shopify, or launching new features or making significant changes to your site, Noibu has you covered. 


1. Set up a staging domain.


A staging domain allows you to identify errors using Noibu before your customers experience them. This means that with Noibu, you can prevent lost revenue prior to launch.


In order to have your staging domain monitored for errors, you will need to deploy the script. Ask your CSM for help with this as you need to add this staging domain as another domain for your Noibu account. You will be able to track errors both on your live domain and your staging domain.


2. Once the site has gone live, stay up to date with the dashboard.


Even with Noibu monitoring your staging domain, errors will still come up when the site is live. Continue to check your funnel when new errors appear and keep checking your alerts you receive when new errors appear in the funnel that increase impact by at least 50%.

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  • Thank you for clearly describing this situation that will certainly arise. Admittedly, I have not encountered this problem yet. I feel confident moving forward knowing this is how to proceed, should the issue arrive. Well written,



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