Customer support workflow setup

Before using Noibu, companies typically have little-to-no visibility into customer-reported sessions. This means it is difficult to understand reported errors and be able to resolve them. Noibu gives you the ability to find specific customer sessions, understand the issue and ultimately resolve the error.


The customer support workflow is a separate workflow from error resolution that works towards the shared goal of improved customer experience. This workflow focuses on helping customers who report an error. 


Noibu’s error resolution mantra is to detect, prioritize and resolve errors to result in project success. 


1. Your workflow starts by Noibu capturing nearly all customer sessions. This ensures the session the user experienced was recorded and can be analyzed and solved. 


2. You can find a given session in Noibu using IP address, date/time filters, browser/OS, URL visited, user clicks, symptoms, etc. Searching by IP address is usually one of the easiest ways to find a session. If you do not have access to customer IP addresses, you can use a combination of filters to narrow down what the user’s session likely was. For example, if the user tells you they were on their iPhone on Safari and clicked on the add to cart button multiple times - these filters would find you their session. 


3. Now that you have found the session, understanding whether it is a human error or technical error is important. If it is a technical error, you will see the error highlighted under Timeline inside the session. From here, you can use Noibu data to resolve it. 

By following this workflow, you can have additional visibility into reported customer issues and be better able to address customer reports.

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