Apple's Privacy Update

With Noibu, it is simple to isolate a single session by searching by a user’s IP address. However, you may notice that IP addresses may be missing in Noibu for users on Apple devices in the coming months. This is because Apple is advancing its privacy policy with iOS 15, iPadOS15, macOS Monterey and watchOS8. This is in alignment with a greater movement we see amongst technology companies to protect user information and give users greater insight and control over their data. 


Already in play for certain Safari users, is Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). ITP is a privacy feature on Safari developed by WebKit in 2017. This feature allows the web browser to block the collection of cookies so users have more control over what information is being gathered about them. As a result of ITP, in some circumstances we may not capture IP Address. Oftentimes, iPhone and iPad users automatically opt into it because of their use of this browser.


So now that Apple’s privacy is getting tighter, as a Noibu user, how can you find sessions without having an IP address? Even without IP, it is still simple to find user sessions. You can still filter by date, time, browser, OS, etc. 


To learn more about how to use Noibu without IP, read this article:


Ultimately, Apple’s new privacy update will not change your ability to detect, prioritize and resolve bugs on your site using Noibu. When trying to identify a single session if an IP address is missing, you can use additional filters to easily identify user sessions.

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