Issue Management - State

Looking at an Issue, you might see a drop down menu with a heading called State:


State is a way to manage your tickets with five different options that provide five different ways to classify your errors:


A new issue is one that has been opened but has not been looked at yet.  We recommend using this designation if it is the first time someone has looked at the issue.  



An open issue is one that is in the early stages of the issue being found but has now had someone look at it.  We recommend making this designation one where a person has set eyes on the issue, at least once, and is aware of the issue.  



An In-Progress issue is one that is actively being worked on by someone on your team.  We recommend making this designation one where someone on your team has seen this issue and someone capable of a solution is actively working on it.  


Closed Ignore 

Closed Ignore issue is one that should be used sparingly, if at all, due to the nature of what it does.  It closes the problem and then never sends you any alerts on it.  This can be troublesome if the issue arises again for any reason and it doesn't alert you.  Use this option if it is an issue that is architectural and will not be solved.  Otherwise, It is better off to used Closed Fixed, as you will still be alerted.  


Closed Fixed 

Closed fixed issue is one that has been closed and fixed, but it will still alert you if this issue ever arises again.  This way, you can fix the issue but still be notified if the issue does arise again.   


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