Noibu Session Id

Noibu session id is a unique id that is sent to your backend server with a cookie.  The use case for this will be that you can now connect that Noibu Session Id to your backend session id, which is different from Noibu's, and connect the two to get a better understanding of the session in question.  You can get access to Noibu's Session Id by enabling the setting below:



Once enabled, noibuID will send a cookie value to your backend server hosted on the same domain or subdomain as your frontend.  Note: If your backend is hosted on a different domain than your frontend, we will not be able to send the cookie.  Below is an example of a request that contains a Noibu session id cookie. 


Now, when you go to look for a session on your server, you can extract this noibuID cookie value and use it to search the Noibu platform.  This will allow you to locate that session on our platform faster and easier.  Look at the example below of using the noibuID cookie value but keep in mind, just for the example, we are using a browser noibuID value but you should be getting your cookie value id from your server.  


We also recommend that you log the Noibu ID, this will allow you to find any logs on your server side that are associated with a Noibu session.


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