An issue comes with an impact designation.  This impact designation is at your discretion as a customer but you should create your own designation and let your team know what each mean.  We have a general idea of what each of these designations are used for.



This category should be used if you don't know whether it is impacting customers or not.  Before investigating what is happening, you can put it as uncategorized. 

User Impacting

This category should be used for issues that impact users, usually measured by metrics such as annualized revenue loss.  If an error is marked as User Impacting, it is automatically put into the funnel, regardless of revenue loss.  


This category should be used for issues that aren't impacting users.  If an issue is made Benign and is in the funnel, it is automatically removed from the funnel.  Be careful using this as a benign issue could change into a user impacting issue very quickly.  

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