Session Bucketing Intervals

When Noibu captures your sessions it records it and displays it inside an error using a time series approach. When we refer to a bucketing interval we are talking about the occurrences of sessions within a given span. 




We group sessions into buckets of data because it helps us analyze data as well as stay organized. Below we can see that the various bucketing which exists for each different timespan:

  • Last Day - Bucketing Interval: Hourly
  • Yesterday - Bucketing Interval: Hourly
  • Last 7 Days - Bucketing Interval: Daily 
  • Last 14 Days - Bucketing Interval: Daily
  • Last 30 Days - Bucketing Interval: Daily
  • Last 90 Days - Bucketing Interval: Weekly
  • Last 180 Days - Bucketing Interval: Weekly
  • Last 365 Days - Bucketing Interval: Weekly


By recording data as granular as a one hour span we can track when an issue stops occurring and reoccurring with more precision. 

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