Browser and OS Impact

Under the StackTrace, there are two important pie charts with breakdowns of significant data.  These are the Browser Impact and Os impact of the issue.  


The Browser Impact breaks down the issue and which browser it most commonly occurs in.  This can be useful if you one browser is significantly greater than any other, as it could be related to an issue with your code and that browser.  It is always important to consider that certain browsers are more popular than others, for example Google Chrome has large percentage of the browser market, estimated to be over 50%.  This needs to be considered when diagnosing issues in relation to browser use.  Here is an example of the Browser Impact tab:  




The other impact tab is the Operating System (OS) Impact.  OS impact breaks down the operating system that the issue has been hitting most commonly.  This can also breakdown whether it is mobile or desktop.  It is important to also keep in mind that certain operating systems and platforms are used more than others while attempting to solve an issue.  Here is an example of OS Impact:



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