Annualized Revenue Loss, Revenue Loss and Occurrences Charts

This chart in the issue trends section takes issue data and translates it into 3 different charts about the issues that are selected from the list of issues below the chart.  For example, we have this chart, with 3 different issues selected:  



The first tab is the Annualized Revenue Loss, for more information in Annualized Revenue Loss, click here.  It breaks down this number over the default of 90 days, which can be switched with the drop down menu to a variety of times.  



The second tab is the Revenue Loss tab, which breaks down the exact about of revenue has been lost due to these issues.  


Finally, we have the Occurrences chart, which breaks down exact how much this issue happened over the selected period of time.  


These charts have a hover effect that shows which error you are hovering over, the selected time period and the value at that position (depending on whether you are on Annualized Revenue Loss, Revenue Loss or Occurrences).  


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