New User Sign Up Process

When signing up with Noibu for the first time there are 3 steps you will go through before getting into the platform.


1. Opening up the Noibu sign up email. It's important to note that sometimes this be mislabelled inboxes ie google labels this as a promotion. You will need to click on the console sign in and the email will look like this:




2. You will be taken to an account creation screen:




You will need to add all of your information here and click enter. Once you do if successful you will be greeted with this message:




3. Verifying your email. Once you have successfully signed up you will need to verify your email. Similar to the first step you will receive an email like this:



Once that is complete you are all done! Welcome to Noibu, we hope you enjoy using the tool 🎉🎉🎉



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