Annualized Revenue Loss Inconsistencies due to Cache

At times, you might see some inconsistencies between Annual Revenue Loss figures when comparing to different pages on the Noibu platform.  For example, it is possible to see one Annualized Revenue Loss figure in your companies funnel for an issue and then click into that issue and it has a completely different figure.  This is commonly a caching issue.  Your web browser is saving one or both of the Annualized Revenue Loss figures in the cache and that is causing the inconsistency. 

A quick and easy fix for this is to simply clear cache on your web browser and log back into Noibu.  This should pull the most up to date Annualized Revenue Loss figures.  


Below is an example, where in the Funnel there is an Annualized Revenue Lost figure of $38,377.  


However, when you click into the error, it comes up as $1,865.  


Once your cache is cleared, the figures should match up:



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