Magento: How to insert Noibu script in your header

You've signed up to Noibu and are ready to start collecting data on errors. Now it's time to insert the Noibu collect script in your header. If you are using the Magento platform you can insert your header through the Magento panel. Here are the easy steps to install the collect script in your header on Magento:

Step 1

Log into your Magento 2 Dashboard

Step 2

Click the Content tab on the left hand side menu

Step 3

Click the Configuration option under the Design tab.

Step 4

Magento will present you with a new page titled Design Configuration

1.  Find the row that represents the store that Noibu will be tracking.

2.  Click the edit option under Action

Step 5

Magento will present you with a new page.

  1. Under Other Settings click the HTML Head option

Step 6

Magento will open a form.

1. Find the Scripts and Style Sheets option near the bottom of the form.

2. Paste <script src=""></script>  

3. Click Save Configuration

NOTE: Do not delete previous content in the Scripts and Style Sheets option, if there is something present beforehand, insert a space between the previous content and then paste the script provided to you.


It is possible that your domain service provider is blocking web requests to other domains this will block Noibu from sending information to our services. If this is the case for you, you will need to contact your service provider or development partners in order to whitelist the domain.

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